Failure to Diagnose

failure The most common reason for suing a doctor or medical provider is for a delay or failure to diagnose a patient properly. Missing or delaying a diagnosis can have substantial affects on a patient’s health, typically even resulting in death. When a patient goes to a doctor or hospital, they trust the healthcare professionals will take every necessary step to determine what is causing their symptoms. However, doctors often fail or miss the true condition causing catastrophic injury.

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A doctor can fail to diagnose or misdiagnose the true condition for many reasons: failing to perform recommended test, delaying to refer the patient to a specialist, failing to order appropriate tests or radiology, misinterpreting test or radiology, failing to recognize particular symptoms, failing to listen to a patient’s complaints, failing to treat high-risk patients with appropriate care, and many more. The most frequently missed conditions are cancer (breast, colon, lung, and melanoma), heart attacks, and meningitis. Other missed conditions include strokes, gastrointestinal issues and infections, allergic reactions, and diabetic issues. Grayson & Grayson has experience with failure to diagnose litigation.

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