Workers’ Compensation

workerscompensation Missouri’s Worker Compensation System is based upon the idea that all employers must purchase insurance to cover their employees in the event they are hurt on the job. In the past, employers agreed to purchase the insurance by law, if the injured employee agreed to give up their rights to recover for their injuries in court and use the worker’s compensation system instead. The Workers’ Compensation system is set up to not only provide and pay for all the medical treatment you require but also provide monetary benefits to replace your loss of wages while you cannot work and are recovering. Once you have recovered, you should be compensated for any permanent injuries you may have.

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The amount of benefits you receive is based upon your percentage of injury according to a doctor. Often, the doctor who decides how injured you are is hired by your employer. He or she may be paid by your employer to give hundreds of opinions about injured workers.

You do have a say in the compensation for your injuries.

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