Wrongful death claims and lawsuits exist to hold the individual responsible for a tragedy they caused. A verdict in the plaintiff’s favor can result in compensation to cover funeral expenses, loss of consortium, loss of future wages, and other items. However, before filing a claim or suit for wrongful death, you need to understand the laws that govern such claims in your state. A wrongful death attorney at Grayson & Grayson can assist you though this loss.

  1. Medical Records
    Emergency care records and other medical records can play a large role in wrongful death cases. If your loved one received medical care before passing away, these records will document the care and help your attorney clearly present the facts of your case. These records may also include an autopsy report. Autopsy reports are very helpful in establishing the cause of the death. This report shows the time the incident occurred and the probable cause of death. Therefore, if you lose a loved one due to another’s actions or inaction, you should collect the names of hospitals, doctors, and others who provided medical care to your loved one so your attorney can help you collect these records.
  2. Police Reports
    When an accident occurs, police officers usually arrive at the scene to evaluate the situation and make reports. Police reports generally will describe the date, location, and statements made at the scene. If police were called, note the name of the department so your attorney can help you obtain the accident report. These reports help track down all the witnesses interviewed by the police and provide a general overview of what occurred. They can also help prove causation and negligence.

An Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney

A qualified attorney is key in wrongful death claims because such claims can be quite complex. An attorney can ensure the action is filed within the appropriate statute of limitations and prosecuted properly. An attorney can also advise you on the strength of your case, and whether it is advisable to file a lawsuit in the first place. Whenever you have a question regarding a possible lawsuit, it is advisable to consult a reputable lawyer to help you gather evidence and evaluate your reports.

The attorneys at Grayson & Grayson will help you understand wrongful death claims, file your case, evaluate your evidence, and represent your interests.

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