Administrative & Government Law

Administrative and government law permeate our everyday lives, usually without us knowing it. This sector of law deals with governmental agencies, federal and state alike. Congress and state legislatures are responsible for creating administrative law or statutes. Administrative law governs both federal and state agencies. These agencies include Professional Licensing Boards, the Administrative Hearing Commission, the Public Service Commission, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Insurance, the Department of Health and Senior Services, and more.

Administrative agencies are responsible for a wide range of economic tasks, such as telecommunications, professional licensing, the financial market, as well as social issues, like health and senior services. Over time, the number of government agencies in Missouri and the United States has grown in effort to meet the needs of the people.

Administrative and governmental law can be quite confusing and most people do not have the time to educate themselves before taking action. Grayson and Grayson has a team of experienced lawyers who can assist you in any administrative issue you are facing including complex litigation before an administrative board or the Administrative Hearing Commission.

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