A dog attack can result in serious injuries. The type of damage inflicted will vary, but bruising, fractured bones, tissue loss, infections, scars, and lacerations are some of the most common dog bite injuries. If you have been hurt by a dog, you will need to seek medical attention right away. You will also need to call an experienced dog bite lawyer such as the attorneys at Grayson & Grayson.

Who can be Held Responsible for a Dog Attack?

In most cases, the dog owner is responsible for a dog attack. The owner is typically required to keep their dog on a leash in public places. An owner who violates the leash laws can be held responsible for injuries their dog causes, even if you are the first person the dog has ever attacked. Owners are responsible for taking precautions to ensure that their dog does not bite.

However, if you provoked the dog or were trespassing on private property, the owner may not be held responsible for the attack. Be prepared to show that you did neither.

Your Legal Rights And Why You Should Contact Grayson & Grayson:

You may be able to receive compensation for your pain, suffering, and medical bills if you have been bitten by a dog. You will need to show the severity of your injury. Taking photos of your injuries and obtaining appropriate medical care are therefore important steps to take.

Grayson & Grayson can help you gather all of the evidence you need in order to file a dog bite claim. The sooner you can contact a dog bite lawyer, the better

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