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Central Missouri is made of honest, hardworking people and Grayson & Grayson represents those people. Grayson & Grayson works with individuals, families, and small businesses to make things right. We do this by offering each of our clients:


Personalized Attention

We are not a large law firm. We know each one of our clients personally. We want to speak with you and discuss your concerns directly so we can meet your goals.



We limit the number of cases we handle so that we are available to our clients. We understand and appreciate that our clients want to speak with us throughout their case. We believe that phone calls should be returned.


Knowledge of your Case and the Issues you Face

Every issue is unique and every case is different. While the law remains relatively constant, each case is won based on individual facts and how they apply to the law. By giving each case personalized attention, our office can help you reach your goals and confront your case head on.



Every person comes into our office with some idea of what they want – a goal they are trying to reach, a wrong that needs to be righted, or a problem to be remedied. But the same legal approach to every case does not always produce positive results. We work individually with you and your case specific strategies to meet your goals.

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We know our clients and we offer them face-to-face personal attention for every case.

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